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Posted by Stan Collender

I'll provide details and analysis tonight when it's formally released, but a major news organization will be revealing the results of its latest poll on American attitudes about the federal budget and it's going to show that Republican insistence that there's a strong support for cutting spending is...well...completely wrong.  It will also show that the support for cutting all but one area of the budget has DECREASED since Election Day.

Posted by Stan Collender

There have already been lots of polls that purport to say what Americans are really thinking and feeling about the federal budget; there will be many more in the weeks ahead.  My column in today's Roll Call explains why no one should take what's typically said about those polls seriously.  (Note: My thanks to CG&G's own Bruce Bartlett for very conveniently listing some of the recent polls in this piece over at The Fiscal Times.  He and I share a fascination/frustration with this topic.)

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