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Peter Orzag

Posted by Stan Collender

Bruce...Summers may be leaving NEC (although I doubt it will happen anytime soon), but he's not going to be replaced by Peter Orzag. 

The reason? Orzag leaving the Office of Management and Budget would mean that there would be a confirmation hearing for the new director-designate at which on the Obama budget policies would be on trial.  Even if the White House appointed someone from outside the administration who had nothing to do with the Obama 2009 and 2010 budgets, he or she would repeatedly be asked about the deficits of the past two years and the floor debate would be more about the national debt than his or her qualifications.  It's not hard to imagine a situation where GOP members filibustered the floor vote or put a hold on the nomination just to extend the debate.

And make no mistake about it, the White House hasn't wanted to talk about the budget since it released the president's proposal in February.

Could the White House move Orzag to NEC and then avoid the confirmation fight by waiting until after the election to name a replacement and having the deputy fill in as acti

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