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Pete Davis

Posted by Stan Collender

CG&G alum Pete Davis put out the note below on the fiscal cliff to his clients last Tuesday and graciously allowed me to reprint it in full. Pete and I agree completely that there's a 60 percent chance that we're going over the cliff.

Posted by Stan Collender

Capital Gains and Games is about to enter a new and very exciting chapter in its history.  After close to five years of being a collaborative effort between a group of friends and colleagues, CG&G is going solo.

Andrew, Pete, Bruce and Gordon will be leaving CG&G on January 1. As the potentially watershed 2013 federal budget debate gets underway I will be the principal writer and managing editor and what you read and comment on about "Washington, Wall Street, and Everything In Between" will be mine and mine alone.

The main reason for the change is that blogging has changed considerably since CG&G began. Although the group blog concept still works in some places, it's become increasingly clear to methat readers prefer a blog with a single personality and viewpoint. CG&G had to change to provide that.


19 Mar 2008
Posted by Stan Collender

Andrew and Pete have now commented on my Capitalist Tools post.  Andrew insists that i misused the word "capitalist" and wants it removed.  I respectfully decline.

Besides..."tools" was the more important label.  Andrew, you okay with that?

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