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Edmund Andrews

Posted by Stan Collender

By his own admission, Ed Andrews is not a sympathetic character in his book, Busted.  Life Inside The Great Mortgage Meltdown. In fact, he says right up front in the introduction that he was not a victim (page xii, the fifth page of the Introduction) of anything that happened to him and, at least as far as I can tell, doesn't ask for forgiveness from anyone but his wife.

That's a good thing because as the chief economics correspondent for the New York Times and a reporter that many, many people read on a daily basis, he should have known how deep the financial hole he was digging for himself and his family.

In addition, as almost anyone in the economic blogsphere knows (Megan McArdle over the The Atlantic lead the charge), Andrews has been heavily criticized for not including the fact that his wife had declared bankruptcy twice before.  That he now admits that was a mistake doesn't make it any less important an omission.

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