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Posted by Stan Collender

I'll be on CSPAN's Washington Journal this Sunday from 745 to 845 am EDT taking questions from all my fans (and probably more than a few critics).

If you're awake at that hour and have an EASY question...please call in.

Mention Capital Gains and Games and you get a discount.



Posted by Stan Collender

I'm flattered: CSPAN has just asked me to be on Washington Journal for the third Sunday in a row.

745-845 am EST. Talking about...what else?...the fiscal cliff.

With this much air time on CSPAN I should probably think about running for Congress.

Posted by Stan Collender

Thank you Libby Casey, the host of Washington Journal. I'll be on for the second week in a row tomorrow at 745 am talking fiscal cliff, RGIII and the New York Yankees

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