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Posted by Stan Collender

Again...My apologies if you've were unable to leave a comment the past few weeks. Thanks to Troy's investigative and technical skills, the problem has been fixed.

Comment away.

Posted by Stan Collender

My apologies if you've tried to leave a comment lately. Some investigation by Troy Schneider -- he's the silent CG&G partner and technical genius -- discovered that the company we use to host our blog implemented some changes that made leaving a comment impossible to do.

With a little luck, this will be corrected in a day or so. apologies.

Posted by Stan Collender
It's been a while since I posted CG&G's comments policy, and strange things happen when it's not reproduced every once in a while. So...
1. Comments must be made in the comments section for a post and not by using the "Contact Us" form.
2.  CG&G moderates comments and all comments are reviewed before they're posted. 
3.  I welcome, appreciate, and enjoy (at least most of the time) substantive comments and strong opinions regardless of whether they agree or disagree with something that's been posted.

Comments, Etc.

07 Jul 2011
Posted by Stan Collender

It might be the topics on which we've been posting lately or just a sign of the times, but CG&G has had a bunch of what I'll euphemistically label as "questionable" comments over the past few weeks. You haven't seen them because they were deleted before they ever saw the light of day.

So...once's our comments policy.

1.  Comments for individual posts must be made in the comments section for that post and not on the "Contact Us" form.

2.  CG&G moderates comments, that is, we review all comments that are submitted and decide which ones will actually be posted.  It may take minutes or hours from when you posted your comments for them to be published.  It just depends on when one of us reviews the latest submissions.

3.  We welcome, appreciate, and enjoy (at least most of the time) substantive comments.  Strong opinions are equally welcome.

4.  But the following will definitely prevent your comment from being posted:

Posted by Stan Collender

Angry Bear had what Andrew, Pete, Troy and I agree is an important post several weeks ago about comments. We want to associate ourselves with the principles he repeated from Boing Boing and Barry Ritholtz.

All of us at Capital Gains and Games encourage your comments and enjoy reading them. We may not always respond but we appreciate the input.

But there are some limits. Angry Bear has done us all a wonderful service by listing them for all to see.


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