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Posted by Stan Collender

Capital Gains and Games received a great deal of attention and many new readers last week.  A surprisingly large number asked how they could contribute or strongly recommended that we consider accepting contributions.

That was flattering, and it certainly was tempting.  But, at least for now, we've decided to keep our current policy and not accept contributions.

To say the least, Andrew, Bruce, Ed, Pete, Troy and I were...and are...very grateful for the offers and the sentiment behind it.

The best thing you can do for us is to keep returning to CG&G.  If you feel like clicking on an ad, so much the better.  If you can suggest to an automobile manufacturer, book publisher, or other potentially large advertiser that they advertise extensively here, even better.  And all of us at CG&G are available to speak to your group.  We'll even be happy to offer you a package deal.

Many thanks to you all.

Posted by Stan Collender

March 24th will be CG&G's second anniversary. 

Since Andrew, Pete, Troy, and I joined forces two years ago, the country has gone through a financial meltdown and a recession, the first African American was elected president of the United States, the budget debate has become (to put it mildly) extremely bitter, the New York Yankees won the World Series (Sorry Andrew, I had to include that), and the blogosphere has gone mainstream.  CG&G has been noticed, noted, cited, and criticized, sometimes all at the same time by the same person.

There have been two big additions to the team-- Bruce Bartlett and Ed Andrews -- and both have had an immediate impact on everything from the public discourse to CG&G's numbers.

The one thing we haven't done is change CG&G's look.  That's what's coming. 

Troy is working on a new design that will be cleaner, more modern, and make it possible for us to accommodate the additional advertising requests we're getting.   It will also make it possible for us to do more with audio and video.

Posted by Stan Collender

It’s a pleasure to announce that Edmund L. Andrews, who just left the New York Times after a long and distinguished career as a business and economics correspondent, has joined Capital Gains and Games.

Ed’s posts will begin on January 4, but many of you already know his writing because you’ve been reading his reports for decades. During his more than 20 years with the Times, Ed covered everything from the Internet and biotech revolutions to the emergence of capitalism in central Europe and Russia and the Federal Reserve under Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke. 

Posted by Stan Collender

Andrew, Pete, Bruce, Troy, and I are very happy and exceptionally proud to announce that Capital Gains and Games will have a new arrival the first week of 2010.

A high-profile former reporter from one of the biggest names in journalism will be joining us.

Details and the big formal announcement to follow soon.

Posted by Stan Collender

On behalf of Andrew, Bruce, Pete, Troy, and me, it's safe to say that we were humbled (and that doesn't happen to us that often) when we were notified yesterday that CG&G is included on this list of the top 100 economic blogs for online students.

Once again, we'd like to thank the academy, our 6th grade economics teachers, our agents at CAA, our families, and...

Can a CG&G reality show be that far behind?

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