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Economistmom has been taking on House Appropriations Committee Chairman Dave Obey (D-WI) over several things he said about deficit hawks and budgeteers in an August 2 National Journal interview.  The interview is good reading.

(Full disclosure: I used to write for and Troy Schneider, one of the other founders of CG&G, was one of's founders and my editor.)

A little history might be helpful here.  Obey may be saying it more bluntly but he's not saying anything new: Appropriators have never really liked the budget committees, congressional budget process, or Congressional Budget Act. 

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There are times that George W. Bush's audacity on budget matters is truly breathtaking.

The president last week said that Congress hadn't done enough to slow the growth of earmarks and had directed OMB Director Jim Nussle to consider ways not to spend the designated funds.

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My column on this week deals with the continuing refusal of the Bush administration to work with Congress on appropriations, or much of anything else. The reason: "winning" rather than "governing' is what's important to this White House.

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Peter Baker of The Washington Post had a good story today about the latest battle in the appropriations war between the Bush White House and Democratic Congress. The story talks about some of the parallels between the current situation and the standoff in 1995 that led to a government shutdown.


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Here's my column from yesterday's

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