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Rosemary Woods Lives

07 May 2008
Posted by Stan Collender

For those of you too young to remember or too lazy to use Google, Rosemary Woods, President Nixon's personal assistant, was the one who infamously (and supposedly inadvertently) erased 18 and a half minutes of conversations from the Oval Office taping system.

Forty years or so later, this article appeared in today's Washington Post.  Here's the money quote:

The Bush administration has not found disaster recovery files for White House e-mails from a three-month time period in 2003, according to court documents filed this week, raising the possibility that messages sent before and after the invasion of Iraq may never be recovered.


Posted by Andrew Samwick

I have in the past remarked favorably on how Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) has gone to work on fiscal matters.  A new piece in National Review by Ramesh Ponnuru casts him in a favorable light on climate change, particularly as it pertains to cap-and-trade in the Lieberman-Warner bill, as well.  Here are some good excerpts:

Posted by Stan Collender

Here's my weekly column from Roll Call.

Posted by Pete Davis

You'd better believe we pay careful attention to capital gains here. Friday, the Congressional Budget Office released an analysis of the rise and fall of federal individual income tax revenues from 1994 through 2004. It showed that capital gains accounted for half of the non-legislative changes to individual income tax revenues over the period. Ironically, capital gains revenues increased 0.7% of GDP from 1994 through 2000 under President Clinton, and they fell 0.6% of GDP from 2000 to 2004 under President Bush.

Posted by Stan Collender

Bill M., a devoted CG&G reader, wrote that this commercial (click through to the full post to watch) may have been one of the reasons the Democratic candidate won the Louisiana special election over the weekend. As a former campaign manager who has had candidates with tough names, I can tell you that while this brilliant ad may not have been the difference-maker, it sure didn’t hurt.

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