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Another Opportunity for Blackwater?

11 Oct 2007
Posted by Stan Collender

OMB Watch has a small article about how the House yesterday passed legislation that would eliminate the current program where IRS contracts out tax collecting to a private contractor.  OMB Watch also notes that the Bush administration is threatening to veto the bill.


I'm all for contracting out when it can be done for less than what it would cost the government to do it itself and when moral and ethical considerations don't abound.  That's what makes the Blackwater situation in Iraq so egregiously bad: its costs more and it seems increasingly obvious that there are serious problems with a private, unregulated, and apparently unrestrained security force having the ability to shoot at anything that moves without consequences.


Maybe that's why the White House is threatening to veto this bill.  After all, Blackwater will need something to do with its automatic weapons and black vans when activities in Iraq end.

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