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#Cliffgate Update: The Ultimate Irony Of The Shutdown Is...

01 Oct 2013
Posted by Stan Collender

I'm not sure whether this makes me laugh, cry or wince.

1. House Republicans refused all year to appoint conferees on the fiscal 2014 budget resolution.

2. Senate Democrats tried multiple times to pass a motion requesting a conference with the House on the 2014 budget resolution, but Senate Republicans each time prevented it from happening.

3. Late yesterday, the roles completely reversed. House Republicans requested to go to conference with the Senate on a 2014 continuing resolution that's needed in part because the two houses were unable to conference on the budget resolution, but Senate Democrats said they will not agree to the House request.

IMHO the Senate should try

IMHO the Senate should try again (in their time between quick votes to table the house CR) for a conference committee on the budget for all of FY 14. This would show that they're willing to negotiate, but not until the hostages are free.

Hair on fire

Yes, the government will shut down. Boehner was unwilling to bring a clean CR bill to the floor of the House.

Now, in the next two weeks, what is the sequence of steps that has Boehner bring a resolution to lift the debt ceiling to the floor of the House?

Anyone? Stan? Buehler?

What is there to conference over?

As far as actual appropriations go, there was full agreement between both parties in both houses.

The only difference is that a minority of GOP House members insisted on tacking on an unrelated provision to try and do a backdoor repeal of the ACA.

The latest proposal out from the House today is to get rid of the medical device tax repeal and the contraceptive exception, keep the one year delay of the individual mandate, and add a provision to eliminate the subsidy Congress and their staffs get for the exchanges.

The GOP has backed themselves into a corner here. They're not arguing over appropriations, they're demanding a defunding/delay of the ACA, which IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. They have no negotiating leverage because they've only had one demand all along it's always been and always will be a nonstarter.

Conferencing will not fix this situation. I can't think of any "compromise" (and I use that word lightly) that will satisfy the TP and actually have a chance of Senate approval. Not one.

Keep it Shut Down Then

If Obama and Senate do not want to negotiate/compromise, then keep the government shut down. This hurts Dems more than Reps. The media bias only goes so far in brainwashing Americans. Since Obama has unlawfully delayed certain aspects of the law, it is entirely reasonable for the Reps to want to lawfully delay other aspects of a bill that has never had popular support of the American people. The reps are on the right side of history here. Stand your ground, and keep it shut down.

Negotiations are finished

The point that people keep forgetting is that the negotiations already took place. They're over. The Democrats and Republicans agreed on the numbers for the FY14 CR. The Republicans then added the ACA amendments AFTER the negotiations took place.

Why should the Senate Democrats accept additional terms after they've already made their deal with the Republicans? All that would happen is that the Republicans would start demanding more and more concessions. Senator Reid is correct--the House Republican caucus has no credibility. Why cut a deal with someone who's already proven that they'll renege on that deal for no reason?

OK, compromise is good; let's

OK, compromise is good; let's negotiate. Exactly how many dead American poor people do we need to give up to get the government opened back up again? Can we trade Obamacare for the Reagan tax cuts?

Shut down

If is now an acceptable practice to revisit laws one doesn't agree with by holding up funding for the entire government, what would prevent the Democrats trying the same thing? Think of the revenue they could generate by reversing the Tax Relief Act of 1997 and making Roth IRAs taxable. Sorry, but this is a dumb strategy. The solution to this country's fiscal problems requires hard work by both sides, not this my way or the highway approach.

ACA w/o individual mandate is fiscally irresponsible

Seriously? A party which likes to claim fiscal responsibility removes the one crucial component of the program that is necessary to keep costs reasonably contained? If there is no mandate, there is no 'pool' to spread the risks.

@ Keith Better to remain

@ Keith

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

Abraham Lincoln

you just removed all doubt

Hey Kevin, if you think there

Hey Kevin, if you think there should be negotiations, what concession is the GOP offering? I'll wait.

Dem Senate hasn't passed a budget since 2009

Remember that the Democratic-controlled Senate hasn't passed a budget since 2009 before all the acrimony and finger-pointing that the GOP-controlled house hasn't appointed conferees on the fiscal 2014 budget resolution. There is plenty of bureaucratic and procedural blame to go around.

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