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Capital Gains & Games Named A Top 50 Finance Blog!

25 Jan 2013
Posted by Stan Collender

Don't just take my word for it, take a look here.

I want to thank the academy, my agent, my high school dramatics teacher and, of course, my beautiful and talented Wife (The BTW) who has been there for me ...



That's a Very Strange List

Congratulations, though how CG&G is a "finance blog" in the manner of the others on that list escapes me.

Should you now expect an influx of ZeroHedge/Shedlock-san readers? Will we be seeing a mass of Gold-as-Inflation-Hedge posts now? (Hmm, come to think of it, reasonable "fiscal cliff" coverage is a good counterweight there. Maybe you should start recommending Fidelity funds...)

Congrats! It certainly is a

Congrats! It certainly is a top blog. But they've got Zero Hedge and Mish up in the top 10. Gonna have to wait for the sky to fall a bit more. I think of you as a wise, experienced political navigator.

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