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Can Boehner Lose Plan B Vote And Be Reelected Speaker?

19 Dec 2012
Posted by Stan Collender

I doubt it.

For the record...Does anyone else marvel at Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell's ability not to get tarnished by the fiscal cliff?

Who honestly cares whether or

Who honestly cares whether or not Rep. Boehner returns as Speaker? Which alternate Speaker can pull together a coherent Republican House caucus to pass legislation which will make it through the Senate and President? You could pull names out of a hat and neither reduce nor improve the chances for a proposal that Democrats will like. Obama might as well end discussions now and allow the next Congress to be installed in January. Actually Boehner had one truly inspired idea very early on: put some of Obamacare on the table. With a half-year of hindsight, the SC decision in regards Medicaid and Republican state legislatures and governors now demonstrated willingness to not implement it in any reasonable matter make the chances of major elements of this working quite small - at least by Nov. 2014 if you get what I'm hinting at. Not winning the House had huge consequences, but get over it already.

Or anything. If Karma ever

Or anything. If Karma ever comes back to him, man it's gonna be like nothing ever seen. But people like him just go on to Wingnut Welfare. Money, books, Fox News.

Looks like we get to find out.

Plan B pulled for lack of support. Almost makes me feel sorry for Boehner. Whoever comes next is even less likely to be able to herd that bunch of goats. Americans already hold congress's efforts in low regard in terms of working to reach a workable compromise to keep the nation moving forward, even when the proxy for Congress was Boehner.

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