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Federal Spending Is VERY Popular. Episode 6: Rand Paul Agrees With Paul Krugman About GOP Hypocrisy

10 Sep 2012
Posted by Stan Collender

Take a close look at the snippet of the transcript below from yesterday's segment on ABC's This Week (hat tip to TPM). It's not often that you see or hear tea partier Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and Paul Krugman agree on much, let alone on the hypocrisy of the GOP leadership about the value of federal spending to the economy.

Here's the money quote:

KRUGMAN:  Right now, Mitt Romney has an ad blitz where he's accusing Obama of cutting defense spending, which is actually, you know, that's not really true, but and then he says and the reason this is terrible is it because it will eliminate jobs.  So the Romney campaign's position is government spending can't create jobs unless it goes to defense contractors in which case it's the lifeblood of the economy...

PAUL:  And that's an inconsistency.  That's an inconsistency.

KRUGMAN:  It's pretty major.

PAUL:  And it's wrong.  They are accepting Keynes with regard to military spending...

KRUGMAN:  Weaponized Keynesianism.

PAUL:  ... but not with regard to domestic spending.


Does Krugman believe in

Does Krugman believe in weaponized Keynesianism - I remember something with a outer space war...

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