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Timing/PR Of Ryan Announcement Could Not Have Been Worse

12 Aug 2012
Posted by Stan Collender

Is anyone else as perplexed about the timing and staging of the Ryan announcement as I am?

The Romney folks obviously had to do something to change the narrative from the past few weeks, to try to regain some momentum, etc. And it clearly needed an attack dog to go after Obama in a way that Romney, with his already high negatives, couldn't do. But...

1. A Friday night leak of the choice, the precise moment when it was likely to get the least amount of attention?
2. A Saturday morning event to show Ryan and Romney together for the first time, almost the precise moment when the fewest number of people would be watching?
3. A Saturday morning event that had to compete with the next to last day of the Olympics and when big, gold metal events were being telecast?
4. Two weeks before the convention? Doesn't this make the convention even more of a nonevent than it would have been if that was Ryan's first appearance with Romney?

Wouldn't the better PR strategy have been to wait until the Olympics were over, reveal the choice just before the weekend, arrange for Ryan to do all of the Sunday talk shows two days later and dominate the news cycle for at least five days instead of sharing it with the men's and women's dream teams?

Doesn't this show again that the Romney campaign still hasn't found it's media grove?

I thought the timing showed a

I thought the timing showed a fairly high level of concern about the state of the campaign. The past week the pundits had begun to noise slowly the basic fact that Romney had not moved the dial an inch in 2 months and was actually starting to sink. I think that message was delivered to the campaign by GOP strategists outside the campaign. Th guys inside are clueless. They are still fighting the primary.

You are not thinking about the audience

It was just as good a timing as any. This was aimed at very politically aware individuals to the right of Romney. You could have added two hurricanes and a cholera epidemic and these people would have followed this very keenly. Everyone else was irrelevent. That'll change, of course, but for now the Romney campaign is totally indifferent if other groups were more interested in the Olympics.

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