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Were John Kasich And Dennis Kucinich Separated At Birth?

05 Mar 2012
Posted by Stan Collender

Quick flashback to the mid-1970s and the first congressional hearing I ever put together as a congressional staffer.

Along with San Francisco Mayor Diane Feinstein (D), I arranged for then-Cleveland Mayor Dennis Kucinich (D) to testify at a hearing of the House Budget Committee. We invited Kucinich because he had just proudly turned down federal aid. If my memory is correct, the aid was being offered to the city to build a moving sidewalk.
Fast-forward to 2012: As reported by the Cincinnati Inquirer, another Ohioan, Republican Governor John Kasich, announced over the weekend that he too was turning down federal aid, this time for disaster assistance following the tornadoes that hit his state hard last week.
Although they're both considered outspoken mavericks, Kucinich and Kasich could not be more different politically and my guess is that each would cringe if compared to the other.
Must be something in the water in Ohio.
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An Ohioan Protests!

As a proud resident of the state of Ohio, I want to say that our water is just as good as anyone else's. And our Republican Party is just as bad.

ohio water

it burns! it burns!

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