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Obama To GOP On The 2013 Budget: This Year I'm Setting The Rules

13 Feb 2012
Posted by Stan Collender

I'll have much more about this later today after the Obama fiscal 2013 budget is formally released around 11:15 am EST, and my column from tomorrow's Roll Call will be devoted to it.

But if you're asked between now and then about the Obama budget and this year's budget debate, you should start by saying that the White House is using the budget say to Republicans in Congress that this year it's the one that's going to be setting the fiscal policy agenda.

More later.

Obama sets the rules

So during two years of having the Democrats in charge of both Houses of Congress Obama didn't set the rules, but now he is in charge when the House and many Senators are up for reelction this year? Get serious!

As the man said--tune in

As the man said--tune in tomorrow.

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