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Iowa Results Say Nothing About The Budget, With One Exception

04 Jan 2012
Posted by Stan Collender

Last night's results from the Iowa caucuses provide no clues whatsoever about federal spending, taxes, deficits, or debt. None of these were major issues in the campaign.

The one exception is very personal.

I've been told by various reporters that Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) mentioned my name on the campaign trail as someone she would consider for Treasury secretary in her administration. Given her distant 6th place showing and the news that she may drop out of the race today, that's now not going to happen.

In case you're wondering, my Beautiful and Talented Wife (The BTW) is delighted.

The rest of us are delighted

The rest of us are delighted as well. I mean, about Bachmann dropping out, even if it means less material for TV comedians. Even Santorum can't really bring the spinning-eyeball crazy that Ms. Bachmann could.

I totally agree with

I totally agree with you.
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There is a shift

Although I don't think Ron Paul will get the nomination, he has moved well beyond "snowball's chance" territory. I find this encouraging. The upwelling of support does show that the tide is changing and people are more concerned about the growth of the federal government and even looking closer at the Federal Reserve, which no longer gets to operate in the shadows.

I don't go for the "sky is falling" rhetoric, but we do need to invert the trend soon. It looks like the people are ready, so let's hope the politicians don't lag too far behind.


Did this woman ever read your columns?

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