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Big Changes Coming To Capital Gains And Games In January

27 Dec 2011
Posted by Stan Collender

Capital Gains and Games is about to enter a new and very exciting chapter in its history.  After close to five years of being a collaborative effort between a group of friends and colleagues, CG&G is going solo.

Andrew, Pete, Bruce and Gordon will be leaving CG&G on January 1. As the potentially watershed 2013 federal budget debate gets underway I will be the principal writer and managing editor and what you read and comment on about "Washington, Wall Street, and Everything In Between" will be mine and mine alone.

The main reason for the change is that blogging has changed considerably since CG&G began. Although the group blog concept still works in some places, it's become increasingly clear to methat readers prefer a blog with a single personality and viewpoint. CG&G had to change to provide that.

In addition, Andrew, Pete, Bruce, and Gordon have very separate careers that pull us in different directions. In recent months, those other concerns, interests and commitments have pulled some of us away from CG&G. As a result, it became increasingly obvious to me that it was time to break up the band and become a solo act.

Much will stay the same at Capital Gains and Games including the name and url: You'll still be able to find it at

Somewhere around February 1 -- just as the White House releases the Obama fiscal 2013 budget -- a few things (like the design) will change. I'm also considering a number of exciting new features that will make life easier and more fun for both you and me.

You'll still be able to reach Andrew, Pete, Bruce and Gordon through CG&G, and the archives with their posts of wisdom will continue to maintained and available. These posts are important parts of CG&G's history and important contributions to the debates. There's no reason to erase them from the memory banks.

A few quick words about my soon-to-be-former bloggers-in-crime.

As funny as it sounds, I literally met Andrew online when we were both blogging separately and commenting on what the other wrote. I continue to be amazed at what he accomplishes every day as director of the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth, not to mention his ability to thrive in that cold and snow. Make sure you visit him at his new blog

Pete, who joined Andrew and me shortly after we began, is one of the true tax professionals in Washington. He's also become a good friend as we've agonized together in recent years on many budget-related issues.

I kinda-sorta already knew Bruce when I extended an invitation to him to join CG&G. Our paths had crossed many times over the years but we had never really had a chance to work together. Capital Gains and Games gave us that chance and it's something for which I'll always be grateful, especially as he continues to go on to bigger things. Take a look, for example, at his latest post at the New York Times' Economix blog. And remember to buy his soon-to-be-released book by clicking on the ads for it on CG&G.

As for Gordon...He is a budget analyst's budget analyst. His wisdom, smarts, and expertise will be needed in the years ahead as the Pentagon's budget finally comes under the scrutiny he's been saying is needed and likely. He's a good friend as well as a valued colleague.

It's a pleasure (and an extreme relief) to say that the other original member of the team -- Troy Schneider -- will continue to work with me as we take CG&G into the future. Honestly, nothing that has come before at Capital Gains and Games would have been possible without him.

Please stay tuned for what's coming next at Capital Gains and Games. You won't be disappointed

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Congratulations, Stan! For

Congratulations, Stan! For those of us who are somewhat new to your blog, can you tell me how often it comes out? Good luck...

When I first read the title

When I first read the title in my reader, I thought you were predicting new tax legislation regarding capital gains in January. Needless to say, I was shocked.

I'll miss Bruce

Glad to see you still at the helm, Stan. I've been reading CG&G for about two years and I've cited this blog many times at the dinner table as well as the rest of the internet.

Unfortunately, most of Bruce's articles were reposts from other sites. As for Sam and Pete, goodbye to to cult of "moderation" on CG&G.

Keep up the good posts. Where

Keep up the good posts.
Where are the other dudes going? Links please?

Thanks, and...

The links to Andrew's new blog is in my post above. You can find Bruce's wisdom on Economix and various other places. 

Is there any reason you can't

Is there any reason you can't keep posting links to Bruce's pieces at other sites? The others I can do without, but Bruce is badass!

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