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And Now For Something Completely Personal

27 Jan 2008
Posted by Stan Collender

This has nothing to do with Washington, Wall Street, but it could explain a great deal about the economy.

I need to replace my garage door and automatic opener and am having an incredibly difficult time doing it.

Here's the back story.  My current door and opener are about 20 years old.  The BTW and I have tried to maintain it and have done some repairs and standard maintenance to it.  But it's not hard to tell from the noises and increasingly frequent generator failures that it's time for a replacement.

So I did what any self-respecting person with no DIY abilities does these day...I went to the internet, found a service that said four contractors from my area would contact me in 24 hours, and waited.  Three of the four never called, and the one who did never showed up for the appointment we set.  He never called to say that he wasn't coming.  And when I called his company to complain, they said they were busy and would get back to me with a new time.  No apology and, of course, they never called.

So I found another contractor, who showed up on time, provided a written estimate to the BTW, and then disappeared.  I had several questions about the estimate. The sales manager said I had to talk with the person who showed up at my home becuase he didn't have a record of the estimate and gave me that person's cell phone.  Needless to say, he hasn't returned my calls.

That was four days ago.

If times are really that tough out there especially in the home buying/selling/improvement business, why are contractors being so difficult..or reach?


Its because everyone is dumping money into fixing up their existing home in hopes of holding onto some of its value? This would make an already scarce resource (reliable contractors) even more scarce.

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