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The Panetta Challenge at DOD

06 May 2011
Posted by Gordon Adams

Leon Panetta may be glowing with the success in Abbottabad, but he will have to turn to the challenge of the defense budget in short order.  The House Armed Services Committee looks like it will push for as much funding as possible; Rep. Ryan ducked the issue in his budget resolution, but like the ghost of Hamlet's father, the problem will not go away. 

For my views, read the op ed column I did for the Washington Post this morning.


Panetta's job is to paint lipstick on a military industry complex friendly, economy busting pentagon congress axis.

Assume no cut in athorized formations: fleets, Amphib Groups, Virginia Class subs, air wings, Brigades MC regiments etc.

I have gone through the marks, not seen the basic bill yet, should be out 9 May.

NDAA site is good place.

Yes adding money to already big baseline.

Just a small decrease in mark, 7,000 souls out of 2,400,000 reduction in military personnel strength.

Rest pluses and adding ill-advised regulations: treat the magnetic catapult as a separate program from the Ford class carriers, as if they make sense of delivering carrier weith no way to launch fighter, and the F 35 C is late late late, and really for the LHA 6 America class which ahs no well deck and needs F-35.

But they add funding for LHA 7 even though the F-35C is on hold.....;

Just a few.

Same old unwarranted influence.

link to article in WPo

link to article in WPo doesn't work on my computer

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