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Rivlin-Domenici Call for More on the Budget

17 Nov 2010
Posted by Gordon Adams

Rivlin-Domenici calls for $1.1 trillion in defense cuts over the next nine years, through a five-year nominal freeze and growth with the economy.  For a summary  visit The Will and The Wallet at the Stimson Center.  For a blog entry go to DOD Buzz.  More to come.   the debate is heating up!

Domenici's war on the deficit

Saw the two on News Hour last night; at the end, Domenici called for a 'war on the deficit.'

And I trembled. Every time the US launches a war -- war on terror, war on drugs, war on poverty -- it ends up driving the deficit higher.

In this case, instead of controlling defense spending, I can just see 'The war on the deficit' using defense spending as stimulus; but I've been of the opinion that defense spending as stimulus is the norm.

Defence budget, more on foreign perspectives SVP

Gordon -

Stan Collender's 11/19 post re Americans' perceptions of how federal monies are spent vs. reality is highly interesting re defence budget. Also very interesting graphic in today's (11/23, page 9) Financial Times re various countries 1995 vs. 2009 defence expenditures in 2008 constant dollars. It really does raise the question of why we're spending all this money on defence when the rest of the world isn't and the two greatest threats to American security appear to be the federal (and state)budget crisis, and terrorism, which I doubt will be much impeded by our defence spending.

It would be GREAT if you'd comment sometimes re world events that could have major impact on America.

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