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Rosenthal Cartoon

25 Mar 2013
Posted by Dan Rosenthal

Not just Red Ink can be used to draw lines

So can the blood of American youth, those who sacrifice the most, not the old and withered politicians who draw these lines and start these wars, who sacrifice not at all. If Israel wants to use the blood of its youth to enforce its Red lines, I say go right ahead and do so, even though I would advise against it.

If any politician, domestic or foreign, says that American blood must be spilled overseas, young people shredded in our war machine, as was done in my era, Vietnam, and numerous times, then we to see the case; the absolute proof for war, laid out TRUTHFULLY for a change, and fully understood BEFORE a single life is sacrificed.

No more Vietnams. No more Iraqs. No more Afghanistans. Time for this nation to finally learn its lesson.

We are living in a shameless

We are living in a shameless world where blood flows like normal water. Here the capitalists countries can do anything for money and power.

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