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18 Mar 2008
Posted by Andrew Samwick

I would agree with Stan and Pete in their assessment of Steve Forbes' remarks on CNBC today, but only if they agree to drop the word "capitalist" from the title of their posts.  His blessedly brief phone interview did nothing to promote a capitalism as a system.  It only served to promote the interests of those who are seeking to evade the consequences of making bad choices in a capitalist system.

Posted by Andrew Samwick

Ben Bernanke would be played by Harvey Keitel, reprising his role as Winston Wolf if we're lucky or Victor the Cleaner if we're not.

Posted by Andrew Samwick

My commentary on the Bear Stearns bailout aired on NPR's Marketplace this evening. Here's the teaser:

The collapse of Bear Stearns prompted the Fed to once again cut interest rates. Commentator and economist Andrew Samwick says whether you call it a bailout or a rescue, all Americans have a stake in the outcome.

Gaps and Redundancies

16 Mar 2008
Posted by Andrew Samwick

There is some irony to be found in the title of Tamar Levin's excellent article in Friday's edition of The New York Times, "Report Urges Changes in Teaching Math." To do anything other than what the report recommends would hardly qualify as teaching math. Here's the crux of the matter:

Bair 1, Abernathy 0

15 Mar 2008
Posted by Andrew Samwick

We'll give FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair credit for this bit of lonely prudence in a financial sector gone mad:

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